The Young Riders Episode Guide - Season Two

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Episode Name Air Date Episode Summary Cast/Crew List
Born to Hang 09/22/1990 While on a run, Hickok meets Noah Dixon, a free black man being harassed for helping slaves. Hickok and Noah arrive in Sweetwater with Noah's old friend, who is helping to organize an underground railroad. Meanwhile, the other riders try out new cooks. list
Ghosts 09/29/1990 Adapting to recent changes - including Teaspoon's latest discovery - proves to be a struggle for Lou and the guys, while figures from the past target Rachel and Teaspoon. list
Dead Ringer 10/6/1990 A legend grows as a ruthless bank robber poses as Wild Bill Hickok, and the real Hickok must find and expose the phony or suffer for someone else's crimes. Meanwhile, Cody's attempted prank on Buck backfires. list
Blood Moon 10/13/1990 Fearing a cholera epidemic as people continue to fall ill, a mob becomes determined to eliminate every suspected carrier, including a mentally challenged young man who arrived in Sweetwater from a town plagued with sickness. list
Pride and Prejudice 10/27/1990 list
Littlest Cowboy 11/03/1990 list
Blood Money 11/10/1990 list
Requiem For a Hero 11/17/1990 list
Bad Company 12/01/1990 list
Star Light, Star Bright 12/15/1990
The Play's the Thing 12/29/1990
Judgement Day 01/05/1991
Kansas 01/12/1991 list
Peacemakers 01/19/1991 list
Daisy 02/02/1991 An old friend of Rachel's stops in when he needs a place to hide out with his daughter. Kid's jealousy of Jimmy's relationship with Lou comes to a head and his proposal doesn't go as he expects. list
Color Blind 02/09/1991 The pretty new school marm catches Kid's eye and he finds himself drawn into her problems when an old beau comes callin'. Lou and Jimmy bond on a special run but their fun is derailed when someone looking for revenge takes Lou hostage. list
Old Scores 02/16/1991 Ike meets up with one of the men that was there when the rest of his family was killed and has to decide if turning him in is worth it since he's changed his life. Meanwhile the other riders are on the trail of a mysterious monster. list
The Talisman 02/23/1991 list
Noble Chase 03/09/1991 list
Face of the Enemy 04/06/1991 list
The Exchange (2hr) 05/04/1991 list
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