The Young Riders Episode Guide - Season Three

In Series Order
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Episode Name Air Date Episode Summary Cast/Crew List
A House Divided 09/28/1991
Jesse 10/05/1991
Blood of Others 10/12/1991
Between Rock Creek and a Hard Place 10/25/1991
In the Presence of Mine Enemies 11/09/1991 list
Survivors 11/16/1991 list
Initiations 11/25/1991 list
Just Like Old Times 11/30/1991 list
Spirits 12/07/1991 list
Tiger's Tale 12/28/1991 list
Good Night, Sweet Charlotte 01/04/1992 list
Song of Isiah 01/18/1992 list
Spies 01/25/1992
Shadowmen 05/21/1992
Mask of Fear 05/28/1992
Dark Brother 06/04/1992
Road Not Taken 06/11/1992
The Sacrifice 06/25/1992
Lessons Learned 07/09/1992 list
The Debt 07/16/1992 list
Til Death Do Us Part (1st Hour) 07/22/1992 list
Til Death Do Us Part (2nd Hour) 07/22/1992 list
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