The Young Riders Episode Guide - Season One

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Episode Name Air Date Episode Summary Cast/Crew List
Pilot 09/20/1989 Young men gather to ride for the Pony Express. Teaspoon Hunter teaches them his 'bag of tricks' that may just come in handy when a pouch is stolen and the boys have to get it back. List
The Gunfighter 09/21/1989 A gunfighter has a bone to pick with Jimmy. Emma steps in to diffuse the situation but it might not be enough to save Jimmy from himself. List
Speak No Evil 09/28/1989 Ike witnesses a robbery and murders and he's the only witness. Now the man with his life on the line wants to end Ike's before the trial. Can the other riders keep everyone alive until the end of the trial? List
Home of the Brave 10/05/1989 Tensions between settlers and the Kiowa are tense and Buck's divided between his loyalties. To save Ike, Buck may have to give up his job and even his life. List
Bad Blood 10/12/1989 Lou's off to visit her siblings and finds them missing, taken by their 'dead' father. With a gun-runner on the loose can she save her flesh and blood before it's too late? List
Black Ulysses 10/26/1989 A runaway slave endears himself to the riders, but when the Army comes after him, will the town stand with them to save him? List
Ten Cent Hero 11/02/1989 Jimmy makes fun of Dime Novels within earshot of one of the writers. JD Marcus decides to prove his point by putting Jimmy in print and when a gunman comes to call, will it be the end of 'Wild Bill'? List
False Colors 11/09/1989 Kid's long lost brother is in Sweetwater and while they think he's an Army Officer, he's biding his time until his gang can steal a shipment. He leaves a lasting impression on all at the Express Station. List
A Good Day to Die 11/16/1989 A Pony Express Station is attacked by Indians and Kid captures a young half-blood brave called Curly. Believing him responsible for the attack he brings him to Sweetwater for trial, but Lou and Jimmy find the real culprits. List
End of Innocence 11/30/1989 Jimmy draws the short lot and has to go with Emma to Fort Reunion. They end up riding into a tense situation as the US Army is in the middle of conflict with a local tribe. Sam and Buck ride after them to help while the others have to survive with Teaspoon as a cook. List Quotes
Blind Love 12/07/1989 Lou tries to help Jimmy get close to a woman that catches his fancy and he's soon in hot water, accused of murdering his lover's husband. The riders try to clear Jimmy of the crime before he's hung. List
The Keepsake 12/14/1989 A young woman comes into town claiming to be Elizabeth, the daughter Teaspoon never knew he had. She’s really Amanda O’Connell, a card-shark planning to steal the Stationmaster’s inheritance. List
Fall From Grace 01/04/1990 After an old friend of Teaspoon's dies at the Saloon, Jimmy shocks his fellow riders by taking a job there. While the riders struggle to understand Jimmy's sudden change in attitude he's trying to stop his new boss from stealing Army artillery. List
Hard Time 01/11/1990 Cody and Kid visit in town that hides a dark secret. Unfairly accused of cheating, Kid’s condemned to work in a mine run by the corrupted mayor of the town. When Cody returns to Sweetwater without him, their friends and Sam come to his rescue. List
Lady for a Night 01/18/1990 While on a run, Lou buys a dress and enjoys a nice evening, with an older but charming, Tyler DeWitt. He comes to Sweetwater looking for her, his charm slipping to reveal a violent attitude toward women. What makes matters worse is that he’s behind a series of robberies. List
Unfinished Business 02/01/1990 Emma is dismayed when her estranged husband returns, seeking shelter. To everyone's surprise, Emma agrees that he can stay, but her insistence on defending his increasingly odd behavior strains her relationship with Sam. List
Decoy 02/08/1990 Cody's not-so-secret mission to deliver a Government message finds him pursued by double agents, and crossing paths with a pet grizzly and an eccentric widow. Meanwhile with Emma away and Lou on a run, a baby is left at the way station. List
Daddy's Girl 02/15/1990 Kathleen Devlin is a headstrong young woman determined to push her father's buttons. What better way to do it than to spend time with Buck. Buck's heart may not be the only casualty when this relationship ends badly. List
Bulldog 02/22/1990 The hero worship of a bookish college boy tries Hickok's patience, and it doesn't help that the determined lad's employer has him working on a plan that will send the riders into dangerous new territory. List
Matched Pair 03/08/1990 Hickok's former friend and rival brings news that the daughter of their gunfighting mentor has been kidnapped. Hickok joins the search, unaware that the young woman actually fled with proof of her father's crooked ways. List
The Man Behind the Badge 03/22/1990 A regretful Sam recalls hunting his wife's murderers, but his thirst for vengeance is renewed when the remaining killer shows up as a wealthy businessman who announces that Sweetwater has a new marshal. List
Then There Was One 04/05/1990 With the anniversary of the massacre approaching, Teaspoon and a fellow ex-Ranger travel to warn their old team that someone is murdering those who survived the Alamo. Concerned, Buck and Hickok defy Teaspoon's orders not to follow. List
Gathering Clouds Pt. I 04/30/1990 As the Army occupies Sweetwater, Kid joins a group of Southern sympathizers whose raids ignite divided opinions among the townspeople. Meanwhile, Jimmy attends class at the schoolhouse, and Ike takes a shine to a jilted mail-order bride. List
Gathering Clouds Pt. II 05/07/1990 Kid and Hickok talk their way into the Hawk's confidence, but the whole town could suffer when the raiders' attacks grow more violent. Meanwhile, Ike has special plans for Annie. List
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