Young Riders Filming Locations

Episode Location Information

Season One

End of Innocence Within the Ft. Reunion set is a building that is used as a Cantina in the episode "Then There Was One."
The timbers used to 'build' Ft. Reunion were cut specially for the fort and were not 'reused' from another set. There is one 'wall' remaining of the original timbers. This is the wall that Hickok tries to climb to escape the Fort.
'Fort Reunion' is the same set formerly used as the ranch house on The High Chaparral.
Then There Was One The Cantina in the episode is inside of the Ft. Reunion set used in the episode End of Innocence.

Season Two

Colorblind When we first see the town of Willow Springs, it's a shot of a street pointing out toward 'Superstition Mountain.' This mountain is a popular landmark in many films/tv shows shot out at Old Tucson Studios
The Talisman The Mission Church featured in this episode was located at Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, Arizona. Sadly, the Mission was burned down and now only the front facade remains.
A Noble Chase Old Tucson Studios - When Jimmy Hickok arrives in Indigo Wells he goes to the Pony Express Station and then to the school house. This location shot is very familiar to anyone that has gone to OTS. When you enter the park and cross over the Railroad tracks you see a patio area to the left just before the sweet shop. This is the Pony Express station in this shot. Just a bit up the street is the adobe school house that was Lon Chase's classroom.

Season Three

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