Young Riders Guests Stars

In Alphabetical Order
Martha Byrne: Gathering Clouds David Carradine: Ghosts
James Cromwell: Peacemakers James Gammon: Blood of Others
Khrystyne Haje: Spies Rex Linn: Hard Time
Wayne Northrop: The Gunfighter Chris Penn: Matched Pair
Della Reese: Born to Hang Pernell Roberts: Requiem for a Hero
Jay O.Sanders: The Gunfighter William Sanderson: The Debt
Gary Sandy: Spies - Mr. Sandy's interview with Trail Tales is posted here Stan Shaw: Black Ulysses
William Shockley: Noble Chase and Dead Ringer David Soul: Gathering Clouds
Fisher Stevens: Bulldog Buck Taylor: In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Kelli Williams: In the Presence of Mine Enemies