Young Riders Main Characters

In Alphabetical Order
Stephen Baldwin as William F. Cody. "Billy if you like." The rider with the most dramatic flair, Cody was always good for a laugh, even when he was the only one laughing at his antics.
Cody Character Timeline
Josh Brolin as James Butler Hickok. A young man eager to prove how good he is with a gun, his aggressive behavior at the beginning of the Express is tempered throughout the seasons as he struggles to become a man while wearing a target on his back.
Jimmy Character Timeline
Brett Cullen as Sam Cain. Sam was the town Marshal in Sweetwater during Season 1. His quick whit and easy smile hide a man that's loved and lost. In Sam the boys have a man to look up to and it's more than Emma's cooking that has Sam coming around the Station. He's quite sweet on her.
Sam Character Timeline
Travis Fine as Ike McSwain. Ike and Buck were friends before the Express and the connection helped him get and keep the job at Sweetwater Station. Ike's ability to communicate through Indian sign gives him a way to connect to the other riders even though he is mute.
Ike Character Timeline
Don Franklin as Noah Dixon. Noah joins the riders at the beginning of Season Two. A free born black he is used to having folks look at him with a mix of confusion and consternation. He isn't one to hold his tongue when he feels something is wrong.
Noah Character Timeline
Melissa Leo as Emma Shannon. Alone and outside of town, the added presence of the riders and Teaspoon must have been just as much an adjustment as it was a welcome addition. Her earlier challenges have given her a fierce inner strength that the riders rely upon and "they're not orphans while I'm around."
Emma Character Timeline
Ty Miller as Kid. Kid comes from Virginia and never reveals his name to the rest of the Express family. Much is made of the fact that he came from the South and a number of his plot lines revolve around the impending War between the States.
Kid Character Timeline
Christopher Pettiet as Jesse James. Yes, that Jesse James -- who never had any connection whatsoever with the Pony Express. Apparently introduced to try and attract a younger audience, Jesse appeared during Season 3. He held various odd jobs around town, was always getting underfoot or in trouble, and eventually left with his brother, Frank.
Jesse Character Timeline
Gregg Rainwater as Buck Cross. Half white and half Kiowa, Buck has struggled his whole life to fit in. Never really accepted by the Kiowa, where he was raised by his mother, he left to seek out his white heritage. He finally wound up at an orphanage, where he met his best friend, Ike McSwain. Buck's skill as a tracker comes in handy many times, and he's deadly accurate with a knife. Always trying to balance in two worlds, he faces hatred and discrimination on a regular basis, but remains loyal to his Pony Express family.
Buck Character Timeline
Yvonne Suhor as Lou (Louise) McCloud. Louise McCloud is a survivor -- and she decides that her best chance of survival, and making a decent living on her own, is to disguise herself as a boy. Originally feared to be too "puny" for the job, Lou proves her mettle as a rider. The other riders learn her true identity in Season 1, but they join ranks to protect her secret and keep her in the family. After an on-agin, off-again romance, Louise marries Kid in the series finale.
Lou Character Timeline
Clare Wren as Rachel Dunne. After Emma's departure, the riders need a new cook and housekeeper -- enter Rachel Dunne. On the run from a trumped-up murder charge, she brings a few secrets with her. She also has a bit of a past in the saloons and card rooms of New Orleans. But she holds her own with the riders, and soon becomes a part of the family.
Rachel Character Timeline
Anthony Zerbe as Aloysius "Teaspoon" Hunter. Teaspoon is the stationmaster for the Pony Express and promises to teach the boys his 'bag of tricks'. He's earned his gray hair as a soldier, a Texas Ranger, a lawman, a miner, a trapper, and maybe a few other things that push the bounds of the law. From the second season on, Teaspoon takes over Sam's job as marshal of Sweetwater and later Rock Creek.
Teaspoon Character Timeline