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Season One

Pilot During the food fight at the table a big glob of mashed potatoes hits Lou's face and stays there, until a cut and then they're gone, her face absolutely clean, then quickly they reappear.
Gunfighter The picture of Jimmy's mother reappears in the Episode "Then There Was One"
Speak No Evil Keep an eye on Kid... or rather his backside. When he climbs up the side of a rocky face a small rip in his pants can be seen.
Home of the Brave Disposable Props and Furniture: Buck and Jimmy fight and one of the low single bunks pays the price.
Bad Blood As Teresa hands Louise the rifle, the ribbon tied to her hair appears to slide up and down from cut to cut.
As the children run to wave as the 'Riders' leave the orphanage, if you listen carefully it sounds like one of the children shouts 'Bye Josh!'
C Caption Error: When Emma says that Ike's up, Jimmy's heard saying "I knew he was fakin' it." The caption says (Kid).
Black Ulysses Cody and Jimmy come out of the bunk house to find Ulysses fixing the corral. When Cody turns around, you can clearly see the top of his tatoo on his back!  
Ten Cent Hero In this episode Sam Cain holds 'Aces and Eights' in his hand during poker. The 'Dead Man's Hand' is also in "Starlight Starbright"
C Caption Error: As the riders are escorting Jimmy out of the Saloon Buck is heard saying "Another day with Jimmy Hickok." The caption says (Kid).
False Colors Camera Trick: When Jed brings the boys home after the Saloon it is morning at the Station. The sun slants up and over the barn toward Emma's house, the sun is in the WEST meaning that they filmed the scene at sundown, not sunup.
Disposable Props and Furniture: Kid, stewing over what his brother's just told him, throws a chair across the table leaving behind a table covered in shards of breakable objects.
There's a curious onlooker in a scene Click Here to see the Frame
End of Innocence At the very beginning, The Kid says there is a rider coming and gets onto his horse, Katy. He rides off and in the very next scene, Emma is heard asking Sam if he wants breakfast and there is a shot of Katy still tied to the post at the house.
Right before Emma is attacked in the barracks, we hear and see a man playing TAPS in the dark. TAPS wasn't written until the Civil War, so it's out of place in this episode.
As Sam, Emma and Jimmy ride away Emma tosses a package to her friend's husband, Charlie Seward, he's lost a leg... but due to the camera angle you can see he still has all of his limbs. Charlie's Found Leg
Blind Love When Jimmy's mad and taking out his anger on the tree. He reloads his gun with a six chamber cylinder and then fires EIGHT shots.
The Keepsake Sam points out Lucas Malone, a gambler that came to town, and says he's talkin' to Tompkins' wife. Tompkins' wife according to the episode Pride and Prejudice, was presumed dead along with their daughter when Indians attacked them on the way to the town of Sweetwater.
Teaspoon wins the poker game with a Straight while Malone has a Full house which is the better hand
Decoy The man who was Bart's friend on the show is actually his trainer, Doug Seus. Doug also played the Epilogue 'Tristan' in the film Legends of the Fall, when Tristan is killed by a bear in the woods. Doug and Bart had an amazing rapport.
Matched Pair Clara’s tombstone says she was born in 1834 died in 1861. The express ran from April 1860 to October 1861.
Then There Was One When Jimmy is talking to Buck he touches his chest to emphasize his point and the 'echo' from his body mic is clearly heard.
The picture that Teaspoon withdraws from his trunk is the same one that Jimmy looks at in "Gunfighter"
Buck and Jimmy's joke about the cactus in Texas was a little homage to the fact that they were filming the show in ARIZONA.
Teaspoon mentions to Erastus that the 25th anniversary of the Alamo was coming up. The Alamo happened in 1836. Add 25 to that and you get 1861, which would put this episode after January 1861, but in the second season the riders celebrate Christmas. There was only ONE Christmas during the Pony Express 1860. The express ended in October 1861.
There is a hint that the young woman that works in the Cantina is in actuality one of Teaspoon's children.

Season Two

Dead Ringer When the riders dump Cody in the swimmin' hole, they splash around and when the riders are wet you can see many of them are wearing dark colored boxers/swim trunks beneath his longjohns.
The Play's the Thing At the end of the episode, Teaspoon remains on the stage of the theater and quotes from Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar
Teaspoon: Cry Havoc! and let slip the dogs of war, That this foul deed shall smell above the earth With carrion men, groaning for burial.--
Old Scores Ike is shown in a flash back drawing in the family bible with something that looks like Crayons. They weren't invented until 1903
The Talisman Louise, Rachel and Ike do NOT appear in this episode
Starlight, Starbright A character named McPhalen has the hand in this episode. 'Dead Man's Hand' also appears in "Ten Cent Hero".
The Riders, Rachel and Teaspoon sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing during this episode.
An instrumental of Silent Night plays during the final scene.
Joy to the World is played in the Saloon when Hap starts to spring his trap.
Away in the Manger is played on the piano in one scene.
As the Pony Express was only 18 months long, there was only one Christmas during the run of the business.
This, therefore, would be the only Christmas Episode for the entire show.
Daisy The Magic Crate
Face of the Enemy A boom operator is clearly seen for a split second. Click Here to see the Frame
The Exchange Cody's shot in the upper part of his left arm during a shoot out. Later when they enter the hideout of the Pike gang, Cody punches one of the gang members with his left arm. No bandage is in sight.

Season Three

Initiations Rachel picks up a hot pot of coffee with a rag so she won't burn herself but supports the bottom of the pot with her bare hands
Til Death Do Us Part In the cemetery, we hear and see a man playing TAPS. TAPS wasn't written until the Civil War, so it's out of place in this episode.
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