The Young Riders: Teaspoon Character Timeline

In Series Order
Pilot Emerges from the horse trough, wipes his face on a horse tail, and slathers on some bear grease under each of his arms declaring it's the "secret of health."
Shows the boys 'the ropes' including riding.
Tells Emma that the 'boys' are here to do a man's job and that the company 'didn't hire orphans for nothin'.
Been married 'three times to white women and two times to Indians'.
Teaspoon eats a raw onion, declaring it's 'good for the blood'.
The Gunfighter Knows that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins but fails to name the others.
Tells Jimmy, that 'he's too damn hot for his own good', then brings him into the sweatlodge.
Says of Jimmy, 'full of demons, aren't ya' and that he has to get under control.
Speak No Evil Tells the boys that pride is something that comes off easy but self respect goes clear to the bone.
Home of the Brave Looking at the Kiowa drawing left at a waystation where the station master was attacked, he says, "Indian writing ain't exactly my strong suit."
Tells the riders at the table that because of the Indian trouble, the Indians are fighting for their way of life and the right to live it the way they did before we got here. He compares the Indians to the British who left and fought for a new way of life and says "Our kin was called patriots, the Indians are called savages."
On the bunkhouse porch with the boys, with the exception of Buck who's run off after a fight with Jimmy, Teaspoon tells them, "You boys know I spent most of my life with Indians." He tells them the Indians have a right to their way of life.
Teaspoon is a 'lifetime snorer' as well as Buck.
He tells Emma, "They stopped being kids the first time they rode out. People shoot at you, you grow up real quick."
Bad Blood Using Buck as a translator, Teaspoon barters for horses, paying $200 in twenty dollar coins. There's a lot of huffing with Teaspoon making most, well all of the noise, and ending up paying exactly what the man asked for.
Black Ulysses Teaspoon says that Ulysses can sleep in the Tack Room with him.
He tells the Kid that even though he comes from Virginia where they have slaves there's still 'some thinkin' you can do on the subject.'
Ten Cent Hero
False Colors
A Good Day to Die
End of Innocence
Blind Love
The Keepsake
Fall From Grace
Hard Time
Lady for a Night
Unfinished Business
Daddy's Girl Emma he intends on helping Rachel Crowley mine her husband's gold claim.
Says to the Assayer, "Been near twenty years since I quit prospectin'."
Confronts Devlin about what happened to Buck and tells him "That if anythin' like this ever happens like this again, you'll have to smoke those [Devlin's cigars] through your ear."
Matched Pair Pie Bake Off: Cherry Pie – I have a great fondness for Cherry pie, it reminds me of my first wife.
Peach Pie – Light, delicate… like my second wife, she was from Georgia.
Apple Pie – Delicious to the core, like my third wife.
Blackberry Pie – Dark, mysterious, like my fourth wife… she was a foreigner.
Prune Pie – Like my fifth and oldest wife.
One of Teaspoon's birthday gifts comes from Amanda [the Keepsake], the woman that pretended to be Teaspoon's daughter to get an inheritance. Teaspoon gave her the money and she opened a Saloon... the “Silver Spoon” Saloon in Abilene, Kansas. She sends him a framed 'dollar' from the Saloon.
The Man Behind the Badge
Then There Was One
Gathering Clouds
Born to Hang
Dead Ringer
Bloon Moon
Pride and Prejudice We find out he had a Pawnee wife once.
Littlest Cowboy
Blood Money
Requiem For a Hero
Bad Company
Star Light, Star Bright
The Play's the Thing
Judgement Day
Color Blind
Old Scores
The Talisman
Noble Chase
Face of the Enemy
The Exchange (2hr)
A House Divided
Blood of Others
Between Rock Creek and a Hard Place
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Just Like Old Times
Tiger's Tale
Good Night, Sweet Charlotte
Song of Isiah
Mask of Fear
Dark Brother
Road Not Taken
The Sacrifice
Lessons Learned Noah tells Polly that "'Sugar Lips' has been married six times."
Teaspoon explains to Rachel that "Polly – my third wife. That only one that broke my heart."
Teaspoon says it was 24 years since she broke his heart. So assuming that it's 1861, Polly broke his heart in 1837.
"I remember them magic fingers," as Polly gives Teaspoon a shoulder massage.
The Debt
Til Death Do Us Part (2hr)