The Young Riders: Rachel Character Timeline

In Series Order
Born to Hang Rachel appears at the end of the episode. She rings the triangle to bring the boys to supper and they start falling all over themselves to get near her. At the end of the episode in the storm, Rachel is bent over trying to remove leg-irons from her ankles.
Dead Ringer
Bloon Moon
Pride and Prejudice Takes care of Sally, Two Ponies and Jennifer while they stay in town. She obviously loves children.
Calls Tompkins out when he shows up 'in the last half hour' to come for Sally.
Littlest Cowboy
Blood Money
Requiem For a Hero
Bad Company
Star Light, Star Bright
The Play's the Thing
Judgement Day
Color Blind
Old Scores
The Talisman
Noble Chase
Face of the Enemy
The Exchange (2hr)
A House Divided
Blood of Others
Between Rock Creek and a Hard Place
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Just Like Old Times
Tiger's Tale
Good Night, Sweet Charlotte
Song of Isiah
Mask of Fear
Dark Brother
Road Not Taken
The Sacrifice
Lessons Learned Rachel lets Teaspoon out of the jail cell to go after Randall after arguing that Polly needs Teaspoon more than Teaspoon needs revenge. Teaspoon reminds her that she'd have found some way of going after the men that killed her husband even if Teaspoon and the boys had told her no.
The Debt
Til Death Do Us Part (2hr)