Young Riders Quotes - End of Innocence

Teaspoon squints off into the sunrise: Bad news!

Buck: How can you tell?

Teaspoon: 'Cuz good news always comes at a decent hour.

Sam Cain, the Marshal, is worried about Emma.

Cody: You aughta marry her marshal, so she'll stay put.

Teaspoon: Don't worry marshal, the spirited filly is the hardest to catch.

Knowing that Emma is worried about Jimmy scouting with the Captain, the doctor tries to ease her fears.

Emma: They've been gone an awful long time. You think they're alright?

Doctor: Oh I wouldn't worry yerself, that Hickok feller of yours looks like he could ride through hell without so much as a singe.

Emma: I hope so.

Emma's 'confession' to Jimmy about her past...

in a tender moment Jimmy puts his hands on Emma's cheeks to warm her.

Emma: My husband used to do that. When we came to Sweetwater, I was gonna have a baby, we're practically babies ourselves. We built that house and we loved. Then came small pox, the baby died. He started staying away... one night he just never came back.

Jimmy: I ain't like that, Emma. I'd never leave you.

Jimmy kisses Emma and for a moment she responds in kind. Emma breaks away.

Emma: Jimmy!

Jimmy: I'm sorry, Emma. It's just that I..I. . I care for you and I wanna-

Emma: No! It's the situation makes you feel that way.

Jimmy: You felt it too, I know you did.

Emma: Feelin' somethin' don't make it right. (pause, Emma stands) I care 'bout you Jimmy. Honest, I do... but, I don't wanna mislead you. (she walks closer) You're an exciting, passionate, handsome young man. Everything a young girl could want. When you meet that girl and you treat her good, someday you'll have a family of your own. But you've got to think of me as a big sister.

Jimmy: I got enough sisters. I don't need anymore.

Emma: Well then, a friend. A deep caring friend. I shouldn't 'a let this happen. (she leaves)

Jimmy: Emma, wait.