The Young Riders: Noah Character Timeline

In Series Order
Born to Hang Sally says that Noah's Mama died giving birth to him.
Noah's father bought Sally and freed her. Noah's known Sally since he was born.
When Sally notices that Noah still doesn't carry a gun he tells her there's more than one way to skin a cat.
Dead Ringer
Bloon Moon
Pride and Prejudice
Littlest Cowboy
Blood Money
Requiem For a Hero
Bad Company
Star Light, Star Bright
The Play's the Thing
Judgement Day
Color Blind
Old Scores
The Talisman
Noble Chase
Face of the Enemy
The Exchange (2hr)
A House Divided
Blood of Others
Between Rock Creek and a Hard Place
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Just Like Old Times
Tiger's Tale
Good Night, Sweet Charlotte
Song of Isiah
Mask of Fear
Dark Brother
Road Not Taken
The Sacrifice
Lessons Learned
The Debt
Til Death Do Us Part (2hr) Frustrated that the Army won't accept a black man, Noah goes with Rosemary to take revenge on the men that Killed Isiah. Caught in the middle of the battle Noah is shot.
Cody tries to bring him to safety, but Noah dies and the riders head out to bring the killers to justice.
Noah's funeral is the last scene of the series.