The Young Riders: Kid Character Timeline

In Series Order
Pilot The opening scene of the show has Kid in a regular shirt, jacket & pants outfit.
Finds a horse in a barn and enters a fighting contest in order to win the twenty five dollars to pay for her. Despite a serious beating, he remains in the ring for the allotted time and wins the money and buys the horse.
Kid can read, but very slowly.
After he's hired at the pony express, we see him in his 'new' outfit of leather and fringe.
Declines the offer of a rifle.
When pressed by Jimmy, Kid outshoots him by double shooting at cans on top of a fence.
He tells Jimmy, "You'll get me into trouble, and I don't want no trouble and I don't want to hurt nobody."
Kid gets the first ride of the express.
Outrunning a group of Indians, he lights a bunch of firecrackers and throws it at them, startling their horses.
Discovers Lou's secret when trying to help tend a wound when she's shot.
When they track down the men, he tells Jimmy they're going to give them to the law when Jimmy wants to hang the men.
When Katy is shot, Kid is devastated at thinking he might have to shoot her. When she is healed, he nuzzles her and smiles.
Lou kisses Kid on the cheek and he turns to kiss her on the mouth
The Gunfighter Puts on cologne in the store then walks up next to Lou who comments that he 'smells like a whorehouse.'
Punches out Jimmy to prevent him from engaging in a gunfight.
Knows enough to take off his guns before Jimmy attacks him.
Kid continues to show that he's an expert shot. When Jimmy is practicing his shooting, Kid stands behind Jimmy and shoots everything Jimmy shoots while it's in the air.
Backs Jimmy up when he goes to fight Longley.
Speak No Evil When Ike says, "They came for me." Kid replies, "Then they came for us."
We see Kid again as a leader in this episode. He rides up front when they're taking Ike to Blue Creek and gives the 'orders' when they arrive at Johnson's cabin. He does it again in the canyon, coming up with a plan to get Ike out.
Tells Jimmy he's the best shot.
Kid says he "Ain't no hero." He's definitely a rider who takes charge and is willing to help his friends when needed.
Home of the Brave On his way back to town on a run, he stops his horse, Katy, and tells Ike, "The last time she acted like this, a bunch of Kiowas chased us home."
Kid comes to Buck's defense when the other riders come down on Buck for not telling them about his meeting with his half brother, a Kiowa war chief. He tells them that Buck saved his life.
Kid agrees not to tell the other riders that Ike was taken prisoner by the Kiowa, then secretly follows Buck to help him free the other riders. "I just want to be there if something happens to you or Ike", he tells Buck.
Kid stays at the ready with a rifle in case Buck gets bitten by a snake and is ready to shoot him before he allows Buck to die a painful death. Kid is visibly distraught at the thought of Buck being 'put through hell'.
Bad Blood Thinks Lou is beautiful the first time he sees her in a dress and tells her 'this is one secret I don't mink keepin'."
Isn't afraid to rappel down the side of a rock face. This is the second episode in which we see Kid involved in climbing. The first was 'Speak no Evil'.
Black Ulysses
Ten Cent Hero
False Colors Kid asks Jed if he remembers "Cursin' a plow mule named Jeremiah who used to wallow in the creek when the heat came up?"
Jed says "You got some meat on you."
When Jed starts to explain that their Pa ran off, Kid covers with "He was driven off the farm due to a drought, we were taken in by different families."
Jed responds back that with the way their Pa beat their Mama, beat them, that if their Pa hadn't run away he'd have... the insinuation is that Jed would have done something to their father.
A Good Day to Die
End of Innocence
Blind Love
The Keepsake
Fall From Grace
Hard Time
Lady for a Night
Unfinished Business
Daddy's Girl Helps Rachel Crowley work her mine after her husband is murdered.
Matched Pair
The Man Behind the Badge
Then There Was One
Gathering Clouds
Born to Hang
Dead Ringer
Bloon Moon
Pride and Prejudice
Littlest Cowboy
Blood Money
Requiem For a Hero
Bad Company
Star Light, Star Bright
The Play's the Thing
Judgement Day
Daisy Kid has a shock when Louise isn't pleased that he's moved her into Rachel's house. He figures out he should have asked first.
When he sees Lou hug Jimmy he's shocked
Kid nearly misses a run because he's picked up a ring and when no one else takes his ride for him, he hides the ring beneath his mattress and takes his ride, but not before telling Jimmy to "stay away from Lou"
He returns to the station to see Jimmy helping Lou into the bunkhouse.
Later while the riders are repairing damage, Kid goes in search for the ring and comes up empty. He follows Jimmy into the barn to demand that Jimmy give it back. When Jimmy doesn't hand it back and says he 'ate' it, Kid punches him.
The two fight and when Daisy gives Kid the ring saying she found it near his bunk Kid admits he was wrong to go after Jimmy
At the end, Kid and Lou are in the barn and Lou has apparently refused his proposal. Faced with Lou explaining that maybe they went too far too fast he says they'll go back to the beginning of their relationship.
Color Blind
Old Scores
The Talisman
Noble Chase
Face of the Enemy
The Exchange (2hr)
A House Divided
Blood of Others
Between Rock Creek and a Hard Place
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Just Like Old Times
Tiger's Tale
Good Night, Sweet Charlotte
Song of Isiah
Mask of Fear
Dark Brother
Road Not Taken
The Sacrifice
Lessons Learned
The Debt
Til Death Do Us Part (2hr)