The Young Riders: Emma Character Timeline

In Series Order
Pilot "They're not orphans while I'm around." Emma's words indicate that she's taken responsibility for the riders as if they were her own children.
When Ike is kicked in the head, she careful wraps his head, crooning to him to soothe his pain. The others watch with rapt attention, perhaps jealous.
Emma has a strong reaction when the Beckwith Volleyguns are delivered. She cautions Teaspoon to nail the box shut before the riders 'hurt themselves'.
Emma introduces the boys to Sweetwater and Sam Cain. She cautions the boys that they'd better behave themselves in town.
It's apparent that Sam and Emma tried dating but, according to her, he 'got bored.'
When Sam says they should try it again, she says "I'll think on it."
The Gunfighter Carries a pocketwatch that belonged to her father. "Only thing of value he ever had." When Jimmy points out it's broken she says it has "memories, lots of memories".
When Sam asks her what she wants, Emma replies, "Something you can't give me."
Emma knows Longley from her past. When she goes to see him in his hotel room he tells her, "been a long time" when he first sees her. She tells him she's, "better than the last time we met."
Longley says that she, "always took a shining to the wild ones."
Emma's father didn't think Longley was good enough for Emma. When she tries to leave he grabs her and kisses her forcefully. She slaps him and leaves with as much dignity as she can muster.
Speak No Evil Tells Ike, "I love you too, Ike."
Home of the Brave After Lou, Jimmy and Cody arrive back at the way station, disheveled and showing signs they'd been in a fight, Lou tries to explain by saying "We didn't go lookin' for no trouble." Emma gives her a stern look and says, "You didn't find a way around it, neither."
Later, when Buck, Ike and Kid are still gone she says, "Every time one of them kids rides out, it tears me up, they might not ever come back."
Bad Blood
Black Ulysses
Ten Cent Hero
False Colors
A Good Day to Die
End of Innocence
Blind Love
The Keepsake
Fall From Grace Emma's staunch dislike of Grace's Saloon and her girls is evident
Emma cautions Jimmy to stay away from the establishment and shows her dismay when Jimmy is verbally sparring with Teaspoon
Hard Time
Lady for a Night
Unfinished Business
Daddy's Girl Various scenes of her helping Rachel Crowley. Rachel stays with Emma after her husband is murdered.
Matched Pair
The Man Behind the Badge
Then There Was One
Gathering Clouds