The Young Riders: Buck Character Timeline

In Series Order
Pilot Is able to identify each Indian arrow Teaspoon presents to him, and the one that Teaspoon himself made.
We see Buck teaching Ike how to sign 'water'.
Buck shows that he's an expert tracker.
The Gunfighter We see Buck's proficiency with his knife, throwing it at a rattlesnake just about to strike Jimmy.
Buck cautions Jimmy that there's "Always one more waitin'."
Speak No Evil We continue to see how close Buck and Ike are in this episode. Buck is the one to talk to Ike when he's upset after his ride and follows him after he hears about Nickerson in town.
Lou tells Sam that Buck is Ike's best friend.
Buck is distracted by a pretty girl outside the restaurant in Blue Creek when she drops a package and he carries for her, following her to her destination. The others laugh, anticipating him perhaps having a few moments alone with a pretty girl.
Word gets to Ike that Buck is being held in exchange for Ike refusing to testify against Nickerson. Buck is saved by Lou's quick thinking and Cody's sure shot with his rifle.
Home of the Brave In town with Cody, Lou and Jimmy, they go into Tompkins store where the shopkeeper is talking about how the Pony Express got a half-breed to hold down a job. Buck is frustrated that Jimmy and Cody are picking a fight with Tompkins 'goons' in the store and exits to his horse while Cody and Jimmy fight the two men in the store. When his friends come out and find him next to his horse, Jimmy is angry that Buck didn't fight. Buck tells them no one asked them to fight and then points out that they didn't fight because Tompkins called him a half-breed, they fought because Tompkins called them Indian-lovers.
After Teaspoon, shows Buck a Kiowa 'warning' - a picture of a Running Buck and a Red Bear on a piece of buckskin, Buck leaves that night alone and on horseback to meet his brother, Red Bear. They sit around a campfire and Buck recounts a time when he was a boy when he and Red Bear made headdresses out of leaves and twigs. He also recalls when Red Bear taught him to play 'throwing them off the horses' when they were naked and Buck fell into a bed of prickly pears where SongBird had to pick them out of him. Buck is deeply saddened to hear that she was killed the previous year by trappers.
When Red Bear asks Buck to return to his people, Buck says they aren't his people anymore and reminds Red Bear of how he was treated by the tribe as the son of a Kiowa woman who'd been raped by a white man. He was outcast, eating alone after the others had finished and sleeping with their eyes on his back. To the tribe he was white even though Red Bear loved him as his own full blood brother. Buck says of the Pony Express riders, "We live together, we eat together, we fight together, we are like one." Buck stands and tells his brother he can't go back to the tribe and his brother cuts his chest and tells him he will see Buck in the land behind the sun, leaving Buck alone in front of the fire, clutching his bleeding wound.
Buck is obviously worried and tells Kid to 'take care' when he leaves on a run. He tells Ike to finish his chores and he rides off on his horse after Kid. Buck rescues Kid who's being chased by a Kiowa war party. Although he ties up one of the braves chasing them, Buck cuts his ropes so that he'll be free in a few minutes and the two flee. Buck is confronted by Jimmy and the other riders when he and Kid return and he confesses that he went to meet with his half brother, the Kiowa war chief, the previous night. Jimmy tells Buck he has to pick a side and then Jimmy starts a fight with him, after which Buck storms out of the bunkhouse with his things.
We learn from Jimmy that Buck snores.
Buck sits alone in the dark against a rock, telling Teaspoon he's going to leave the pony express to spare them being a target from an attack because he cares about them too much. He also cares about his brother and his Indian friends and feels it's better he leaves. He's going to go up the canyon at dawn and pray to the rising sun. He asks Teaspoon to tell Ike he's leaving first and asks him to help Ike to understand. To rescue Ike when he's taken prisoner by the Kiowa, Buck rides in to the camp on his horse, stripped of his shirt and wearing his black vest. He runs to Ike and begins to cut him down, telling Red Bear that he will fight in the war party if they let Ike go.
The man of dreams is called and Buck goes into the sweatlodge with the other warriors and 'drinks from the water of life'. Buck has visions of other warriors poking spears at him, hanging by his arms, and a rattlesnake. Buck must go through his vision quest, where he walks through a path between warriors who hit him with staffs. He is then hung from a wooden beam and made to step on hot coals. After a day or so, he begins the trials he'd seen in his vision. First, he must become one with his Kiowa spirit and walk across an area filled with rattlesnakes. Buck sees an eagle above him and remembering the Medicine Man say "Only in the Indian world are you protected by the eagle", he leaps through the snakes and up on the rock where he is helped up by his brother, Red Bear, who declares, "You are now Kiowa, brother."
Buck is tired and sore but smiles at his brother who tells him that while he has proven himself Kiowa, he needs to return to his white family but that his spirit is now Kiowa. Buck is sad and tells his brother that the war cannot be won. Buck is saddened knowing that they might meet in battle and his brother may have to kill him. On his way out of camp, a little girl gives him a feather. He meets Kid and Ike and puts back on his hat, riding with them back to the station.
Bad Blood Uses his tracking skills to stay on Lou's trail
This is the first time we see Buck with a bow and a quiver of arrows slung over his back. He's shown to be a good shot, shooting flaming arrows into the camp where Lou is being held to help distract the men while Cody, Jimmy and Kid look for Lou.
Finds out Lou is a woman but promises to keep her secret.
Black Ulysses
Ten Cent Hero
False Colors
A Good Day to Die
End of Innocence
Blind Love
The Keepsake
Fall From Grace
Hard Time
Lady for a Night
Unfinished Business
Daddy's Girl Catches the eye of Kathleen Devlin, the daughter of the Cattleman's Bank owner who gives him a kiss on the cheeks when he wins the race and she presents him with a $20 gold piece and a silver bowl.
When Kathleen presents her hand in the European style for him to kiss, Buck takes it and shakes it vigorously.
After Buck finds out Kathleen can ride a horse well, he shows off his own skills on a horse by riding backwards and doing 'flips' from one side of the horse to the other.
Kathleen breaks off the cork in the wine bottle and Buck takes his knife and lops off the top of the bottle. She pours him a glass and he refuses the alcohol. When she asks Buck if he's the type of man that would get her drunk and take advantage of her, he smirks and says, "I hadn't thought of that." When Kathleen tells him about the goose liver pate, he offers it to the 'six powers of the world'.
She examines his knife and asks Buck if he's ever used it on another person to which he thoughtfully replies, "When I had to." He comments on her gold cross and she gives it to him where he smiles and puts it around his neck.
Buck 'negotiates' in sign language with a group of Indians that come to bargain for Kathleen. He comments to her that the Indian's limit was three ponies. She asks him what Buck would have done if the Indian had offered four ponies and Buck replies with a smile, "I'd be a rich man."
This is the only episode where Buck kisses a girl.
Buck is attacked by Devlin's men, dragged behind a horse through a riverbed, then stripped, painted with yellow and black paint, then tarred and feathered. He's washing off in the barn when Teaspoon finds him and asks him if Buck is planning on settling the score. Buck's anger is evident through his silence as he glares at Teaspoon.
Buck sits by a fire at night and prepares himself to get revenge on the men who attacked him. He paints his face with white and red war paint. One at a time, he ambushes the two men. He buries one man in a hole up to his neck in the dirt and releases tarantulas around him. Buck hangs the other man upside down in only his long johns over a pit of rattlesnakes. We later find out that the first man fled to Mexico and the other only escaped with his life 'by some miracle'.
When Kathleen asks for Buck's help in escaping her father, he eagerly helps her, thinking she truly wants to be with him. They become trapped in a canyon and Buck ends up fighting a gun battle with Devlin's men. He's ready to die for Kathleen when she tells him not to 'be a fool' and gives herself up to return to her father. The other riders come to his rescue and he leaves, following Kathleen back to her house in town.
Buck arrives at the house in time to save Devlin from Rance by throwing his knife into Rance's back. In the end, Buck sees Kathleen for who she is; someone who is using him to get back at her father. His face is a mixture of pain and anger as he leaves the cross Kathleen gave him on a table in her home.
Matched Pair
The Man Behind the Badge
Then There Was One
Gathering Clouds
Born to Hang
Dead Ringer
Bloon Moon
Pride and Prejudice Agrees to help scout for the white captives only after Cody says he wants to volunteer. As Buck sits with the troopers above the Indian encampment, he looks visibly distraught as he thinks about what might happen.
Buck is helpless to stop the troopers from opening fire on the helpless Indian village. He runs around, trying to help the women and children get to cover as he yells at the troopers to stop firing.
Buck tells Jenny that he will always be Kiowa in his heart, but now his home and family are at the waystation.
We see Buck insulted again by the townspeople who call him a half-breed and say he can't be trusted. He tells Sally that the riders are his family, but all the rest of the town sees is color and he'll never be white.
Buck's hand to hand fighting ability is shown when he beats Black Wolf in a fight. He almost uses his knife to take Black Wolf's life before he is stopped by the chief. Buck also shows his knife throwing proficiency when he stops Black Wolf from shooting Jennifer by throwing his knife into Black Wolf's arm.
Buck asks if Jennifer will come back to visit Sweetwater and seems disappointed when she doesn't respond. It is evident he cares for her and hoped she would stay in town to live with her father, Tompkins.
Littlest Cowboy
Blood Money
Requiem For a Hero
Bad Company
Star Light, Star Bright
The Play's the Thing
Judgement Day
Color Blind
Old Scores
The Talisman
Noble Chase
Face of the Enemy
The Exchange (2hr)
A House Divided
Blood of Others
Between Rock Creek and a Hard Place
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Just Like Old Times
Tiger's Tale
Good Night, Sweet Charlotte
Song of Isiah
Mask of Fear
Dark Brother
Road Not Taken
The Sacrifice
Lessons Learned
The Debt
Til Death Do Us Part (2hr)